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About Grabango

Q: What is Grabango?
Grabango is a Silicon Valley startup that offers checkout-free shopping services that are based on computer vision and machine learning technology. Shoppers pick up items they want and exit the store with little or no waiting in line.
Q: How is Grabango different from Amazon Go?
While Grabango and Amazon Go seem similar on the outside, the two systems serve different purposes. Amazon Go is designed for a single, small-scale environment that is purpose-built around it. In contrast, Grabango serves large-format retail customers and adapts to their existing, dynamic environments.
Q: Where is Grabango located?
Grabango is coming soon to a store near you and is headquartered in Berkeley, CA.
Q: How much does Grabango cost?
Grabango is free for shoppers.
Q: Will food cost more?
No. In fact, food prices will come down over time, particularly in stores that once had significant problems with shoplifting.

Shopper Experience

Q: How do you use Grabango?
Visitors shop as they normally do; nothing new is required. The Grabango system keeps a running tally of purchases as you move through the store. When it comes time to check out, there are two options: 1) pay normally but without the need to unpack every item onto the conveyor belt, or 2) walk directly out of the store and let payment happen within the Grabango app.
Q: Does Grabango require signing up for an app?
No. Grabango works for everyone in the store. Grabango supports both those who sign up and provide a valid form of payment and those who prefer to continue to pay at the checkout lane. The Grabango system keeps a running tally for every shopper whether s/he has signed up for the app or not.
Q: How do I pay if I have the app?
Shoppers using the Grabango app register a credit or debit card that is used for all transactions.
Q: Can shoppers buy anything they want in the store?
Yes. Shoppers can buy anything in the store with Grabango technology. When an item is selected that needs special attention, such as an alcoholic beverage requiring ID verification, a “shopping exception” is flagged. The shopper and cashier are both alerted so the exception can be cleared, in this case by the shopper showing her/his valid picture ID.

Grabango Technology

Q: What does the Grabango system consist of?
The Grabango system consists of sensors in the store and machine learning algorithms running both locally and in the cloud. Redundancy is built throughout the system to assure the systems long-lasting reliability.
Q: How does Grabango work?
The system is unobtrusively located above the shopping area. The system monitors the location of all products whether on the shelf, in someone’s basket or with a shopper leaving the store. Shoppers enter the store, select the items they want and exit the store with little or no checkout line.
Q: What technology does Grabango use?
Grabango uses patent pending computer vision and machine learning technology. It’s similar to the technology used by autonomous vehicles, but much more reliable.

Privacy & Data Security

Q: What if I don't want to use the Grabango system?
No problem; simply exit through the checkout lane as you normally would.
Q: How does Grabango handle data privacy?
Grabango is vigilant about protecting shoppers’ privacy and their personal data. For more information, please see the Grabango Privacy Policy.
Q: Will Grabango sell my information to a third party?
No. Grabango does not sell personal shopper data to third parties.
Q: Does Grabango use facial recognition?
No. Grabango does not use facial recognition.

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