Shorter Lines, Happier Customers

Thrill customers with convenience while operating way more efficiently.

Streamline Operations

Shoppers’ receipts are tallied as they make their way through the store, so the payment process is streamlined. Automated check-out reduces congestion and lines, particularly at peak times.

Manage Shrinkage

Grabango’s system recognizes and differentiates shopper and employee activities. Potential shoplifters are charged for all of the items on their person, even if hidden from view at checkout. Store personnel need not confront suspected shoplifters; the system does the work for them.

Increased Sales & Loyalty

Shoppers no longer hesitate to visit the store for fear of lines, even during peak periods. As convenience rises and barriers to entry fall, shoppers naturally prefer these modern checkout-free stores to the old fashioned manual ones.

Better Business Information & Analytics

Only with Grabango is the entire store digitized for assessment and optimization. The Grabango “Source of Truth” covers every product in the store. It includes an accurate, time-stamped database of all shopping events for managing every aspect of a well-run retail business.

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